What can a person do with a Power of Attorney for Property?

By on Mar 28, 2016

  • A Power of Attorney for Property may and usually does include authority to the attorney (the person you give authority to) to:
    • write cheques from your bank account;
    • deal with service providers for you like to call Hydro and find out if you owe money;
    • deal with your real property as in to sell your house or mortgage your house;
    • represent you in litigation such as to start or defend a law suit on your behalf;
    • look after your obligations to government such as to file your income tax returns;
    • look after your dependents such as to make payments for things like child or dependent support
    • can be misused, so be sure to chose an Attorney you trust
  • Payments for benefit of the Attorney
    • A Power of Attorney for Property can authorize a person to make payments for their own benefit even if they are not a dependent
    • If a Power of Attorney does not authorize gifting or the use of money by the attorney for his or her personal use, it will be unlikely that anyone would knowingly permit that to happen