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Title Insurance – A Quick Summary of Residential Title Insurance in Ontario

By on Apr 26, 2017 in Real Estate Law

There are 5 companies offering title insurance in Ontario. They are: • TitlePLUS • Chicago Title Insurance Company • FCT Insurance Company Ltd. (Carrying on business under the name First Canadian Title) • Travelers Guarantee Company of Canada • Stewart Title Guarantee Company of Canada TitlePLUS title insurance is the only all-Canadian title insurance product...

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Joint Tenancy and Tenancy in Common – How they Differ

By on Mar 11, 2015 in Real Estate Law, Wills and Estates

Real Property can be held in different ways, the main two types of ownership are joint tenancy and tenancy in common. Joint Tenancy Joint tenancy is a type of ownership that comes with the benefit of the right of survivorship. This means where two people own property as joint tenants upon the death of the first joint owner, the property becomes wholly owned by the...

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Understanding the Statement of Adjustments in Real Estate Transactions

By on Mar 10, 2014 in Real Estate Law

Below is a sample Statement of Adjustments with explanations for the various items on it. By way of summary, a Statement of Adjustments is used to calculate adjustments in a typical real estate transaction. They are usually prepared by the lawyer for the Vendor and sent to the lawyer for the Purchaser of a property. The purpose of the Statement of Adjustments is to...

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