Corporate Law

How do you Change the Name of a Corporation?

By on Mar 7, 2016 in Corporate Law

Corporations can and do change their names or get a name if known only by a number. Changing the name of a corporation in Ontario or Canada is actually a big deal. The corporation must be solvent meaning if the corporation is unable to pay its liabilities as they come due, it is not permitted to change its name. The realizable value of the assets of the corporation...

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Types of Businesses and How A Lawyer Might Help

By on Mar 31, 2013 in Corporate Law

  There are many types of businesses. This article touches on some of the key types of businesses and explains what a might be the typical role of a lawyer in providing advice or assistance to you in setting up your business or in having others join you in your business.   What does a lawyer do, how does a lawyer help with setting up a business?   A...

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By on Sep 30, 2011 in Corporate Law

  The article below, regarding solicitation addresses an area relevant to employers and employees alike. This is because employers often ask employees to sign non-solicitation clauses, sometimes called restrictive covenants and employees agree to them, usually when starting a new job. What do these clauses mean for employees? How effective are they for...

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